Linda Klein, co-creator of Girls Only - The Secret Comedy of Women, grew up in the small mountain town of Idaho Springs above Denver, Colorado. There she performed in many high school productions and then went on to pursue her interest in entertainment by earning a degree in Film Studies at Pitzer College near Los Angeles

She has been a cherished member of the Denver comedy scene since 1993 and one-third of the comedy trio A.C.E. for most of that time. During her years with A.C.E. she has co-written and performed over fifty original productions and graced stages nationwide, including Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. Klein has a dense background in theatrical improvisation and comedy writing.

She also works as a commercial actor and voice talent with Donna Baldwin Talent, sits on the board of directors for the non-profit Self Improvement Opportunities and is an active member of Montview Presbyterian Church and her P.E.O. chapter.

When not working she can be found traveling extensively, as the QE2, the beaches in Rio and her plethora of nieces and nephews will all confirm.

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